Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oil-cleansing update

My last post was about a new face-cleaning regimen I wanted to try.

Here's how it's been:
My skin's clarity has stayed the same. A few blemishes here and there, but that may be a result of everything that's been deep-down coming to the surface.

But the texture has been wonderful! My skin is much more radiant and feels so much softer. There was a day last week when I quickly used my old face soap. I was going out that evening and my face felt blah. I craved that olive-oil glow. I did the oil-cleanse, and it did the trick!

I think I've found a keeper. And, fortunately, it's a cheap one!

And one more thing...
In honor of Spring and the decluttering, scrubbing, and fresh clean smells that come with Spring Cleaning, read up on how to Spring Clean Your Body, from the same website that I read to learn about oil cleansing. I can't wait to feel a bit cleaner inside!

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