Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweet and Scary moments

All mornings are crazy around here. You can imagine. But this morning was especially interesting.

Around 8:30, I was changing Nadia's diaper. She was being so cute and smiley, so I started getting silly with her.
And she belted out a huge LAUGH! Her first. It was so precious.

There are so many times during the day when I get anxious for when these little ones are just a bit bigger. This was NOT one of those times. I just wanted to freeze the moment and hold onto it forever. The last first laugh for my babies. Priceless.

Moments later, I placed Nadia into her carseat to put the finishing touches on the process of getting out the door. I went into the kitchen, and heard a couple of thuds and Nadia screaming. Levi had thrown a big heavy candle sconce right at her head. She was screaming and a mark was already appearing. Oh DEAR! I was immediately on the phone with my pediatrician friend, checking to see what should be done.

All is fine. I did all I needed to be sure of it. She has slept and awoke smiling. But Lord have mercy, it was scary.
It's crazy how a moment of sweet bliss can turn into a moment of utter fear!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I used to think of myself as a pretty intelligent person.

With little effort, I managed all A's growing up. My studies came easily in college. Amidst marriage and children, I DID graduate.

I am aware now that my days are primarily spent conversing with children under the age of ten. I don't mind that at all. And yes, occasionally, when I'm alone with adults, I accidentally say that I have to go potty vs. use the lavatory. No big deal...I'm a mommy and it's to be expected.

However, every once in a while I am slapped with the reality that my brains have truly turned to MUSH.

That happened this afternoon.

You see, in my little world of cooking, cleaning, changing diapers and raising babies, I am in a bubble. Greg comes home and I talk to him about what color I'd like to stain the deck or how much money I spent on groceries or what kind of socks I bought for so-and-so...
...this is my world. This is what I have to offer when it comes to conversation.

But this afternoon, I had a few minutes to spare, and, feeling a bit disconnected from my husband (we've been extremely busy lately), I decided to go onto HIS blog.
He is the Math Specialist for a local county (what is THAT job? He is basically the resource for all teachers in the county when it comes to math. They go to him for help regarding anything math. He also decides on the county's curriculum, strategy, etc.) And he is required to keep a blog in his techno-savvy county.

So I read a few posts. And, man oh man...let's just say my perception of my intellegence dropped a few levels. A portion of the first sentence I read said, "teaching algorithms in the absence of concept-building-exploratory-type lessons"...HUH?????
THIS is what he spends HIS days thinking and talking about? Oh, Lord...

Yeah, it's just all mush up there...nothing but mush...

Monday, September 14, 2009

We made it!

The first week of school has come and gone. I am happy to say that we survived...quite well, actually. Aside from the clinic aid calling me on two separate days to bring a change of pants for Kaleb (we won't go there...), the first week was a success. I am pleased with their teachers. They are making friends. They are loving it!
And I feel good about our decision not to homeschool this year. Sure, I miss them, but I am embracing the opportunity to spend some extra time with the three little ones, and, of course, to get some extra housework done!
Here they are on the first day.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ready or not...

It's official...

My two oldest babies will be attending school as of Tuesday.

Real school.

We went to orientation this morning.

Little desks everywhere. New teachers. Computer labs. A big media center. Art classroom. So fun for them. A little scary for me.

It has been such a challenge to homeschool them these past few years. There have been days when I absolutely dreaded starting. There were even days when I got away with putting it off until the afternoon. (You can do that when you work one-on-one with a kid.) I cried several times to Greg about how hard it was. Of the past four years homeschooling Emily (K-3rd grade), I was pregnant for at least a portion of EVERY SINGLE school year.

Man, it was tough!

But it was one of the greatest blessings I've ever known. I got to be the one that experienced their learning. I got to be the one that decided the pace at which they needed to learn. And best of all, I got to be the one that spent all day with them.

They are growing up so fast. I am grateful for every moment I got to spend homeschooling.

And even though a HUGE load is off of my shoulders, I'm really going to miss having them around.

the above pics: top, fall of '07. bottom, June '09.