Monday, February 8, 2010

A birth story...grab the tissues!

If you are a mama, you have GOT to read this birth story! So WILL cry!
I'd love to hear what you think!


Tina said...

just left you a voicemail.
i thought i could hold it together long enough to leave it. obviously i couldn't. i got off & sobbed even more.
i passed the link on to friends. praying none of them are secretly pregnant. as i cant imagine how much more it would affect a pregnant girl, after what it's done to me.
oh my gosh.
how did you find her?
you don't know her do you?

CherieSwain said...

I am completely speachless. This is such a beautiful story of such raw emotion and struggle with an outcome of perfection. What a special little life and family. I don't even know them and I love them.

Heather said...

I found the link through a blog that I follow,
I know...I feel like I do know her. So beautiful!

Erin Greene said...

Gracious girl, you gotta have more warning than "grab the tissues".. sheesh.. I need to go drink a gallon of water to replenish all that I just lost..

That was beyond incredible.