Thursday, February 25, 2010

The best laid plans

I've been pretty open about how I felt when I found out I was pregnant with my littlest, Nadia Claire.

Shocked. Afraid. Angry.

Dear Lord, how am I going to do this? This is not what I wanted right now!

It took a while for the excitement of a new baby to kick in. I honestly didn't want to believe it was true.

But now, when I look at her sweet face, I can't believe she wasn't part of the plan all along.
Well, she was. Just not part of my plan.

Her mellow personality, the way she loves to cuddle, the way her pretty smile lights up a's all proof that even when we think we have our futures figured out, God knows best.

We may end up kicking and screaming at the beginning, but before long, we'll look back and wonder why we ever put up a fight in the first place.

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Flamingo Mama said...

thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week. uuugh. i've had no energy for blogging this week so i'm quite procrastinative:) i enjoyed looking over your blog. it looks like your kiddos are about my kiddos ages...i have an 8,6, 3 and 3. It's funny because now I wish i had the baby too:) it's crazy how fast time flies. although, most days i'm just happy to get through:)