Saturday, October 17, 2009

Defining moments, part 1

I know it's completely cliche, but it's true that there are certain moments that are so special, so incredible, that they mark your soul forever.
I hope to dig deep, realize exactly which moments were the most defining in my life, and post them. (They will not be in chronological or in order of significance.)

Number one: (Well, really 1-5, but let's say number one)

The 30 seconds after each of my kids were born. It's so unbelievable how many emotions rush through your heart during that first moment you hear them cry, see their face, feel their soft, silk-covered down comforter skin. Tears, every time. I don't think I could hold back crying even if I'd given birth 20 times.
It's like your body goes through this painful, mind-wrenching journey, and at the end of it you are thrown into the most emotional seconds you'll ever know. Like a crazy, twisting waterslide that shoots you into ice cold water. Amazing.

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