Sunday, December 27, 2009

Where, oh where, have my ornaments gone?

I am pretty sure that next Christmas, I will pull out all of the Christmas bins (we have A LOT of them!), and upon opening the one labeled, "Christmas ornaments", become confused.

We put our tree away today but left up the other decorations. Yes, already...
There were two reasons for this.

First of all, we needed to make room for a new sectional that we found at a deal impossible to pass up.

Second of all, the poor tree looked terrible. It was nearly bare on the bottom half.

Every Christmas tree, for a toddler, is a learning experience.
From what I remember, with my other kids, it was pretty easy. A few, "DON'T TOUCH!" warnings and gentle hand slaps were all it took to keep them away from the tree.

Levi has been a different story.

At 20 months, my little Bam-Bam loves to throw things. The same goes for my Christmas ornaments. Every day I have to clean up an ornament that has been thrown, and smashed, onto the hearth of our fireplace.

So next year, if I blog about how frustrated I am about how all of my ornaments are missing and I can't recall why, please send a note reminding me that Levi thought we needed new ones!

PS: We had a great Christmas...and a blast with family in NY...more to come on that soon!

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Julie said...

Hey Heather!!
I can totally relate to this!! We had several incidents this year with ornaments... lol.

I nominated you for an award... check out my blog!