Friday, December 11, 2009

A Christmas Miracle

I am making light with this title. I wrote it in excitement over a great deal for nursing moms that I wanted to share, but I need to give THANKS for two real miracles first:

Number one, Emily's tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy surgery (2.5 weeks ago) went very well. The recovery was extremely tough for her, but she is better and her sleep apnea seems to have vanished.

And the biggest news in our family this week was that my Uncle Russ, the man who has always been like another dad to me, had a heart attack last weekend. He needed to undergo open heart surgery two days ago, receiving a triple bypass. The surgery went well and he is healing faster than they expected. Thank you, God, for keeping Your hand on our loved ones!

Now for my shopping miracle:
Not sure how long this crazy promo is going on, but if anyone is still nursing, here's a deal on really cool nursing covers:
go to
click on "Shop Now"
pick the one you want,
enter promo code "Thankyou"
it takes $32 off, so you get a free cover, only paying $8.95 for shipping!

I did it, it works!
Spread the news!

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Julie said...

it did work!! and I did spread the news!! THANKS!!