Monday, May 18, 2009

Just an update

Just wanted to post that we are doing well.
We have two weeks of school left; we're trying to bust out all that we need to learn before we do our end of year testing. The kids are little learning machines! Emily is going to be NINE next month! She is trying to master her multiplication tables and has started division. She's a little smartie, as always. Kaleb is reading well, but would still rather look at pictures. He always grasps math concepts with ease that I think will be difficult to teach. Just like Daddy.
Avery is also a little learner. It's hard to believe she just "turned" 2 1/2. She knows almost all of her letters and can look at, for example, three apples and say, "there are three apples." She's going to be a fast learner, I think.
And last week Levi started taking his FIRST STEPS! My baby is starting to WALK! He gets in two, five, sometimes ten steps before he gets excited and knocks himself onto his bottom. But he still feels like a baby to me. I know that will change when he isn't THE baby, so I'm holding on to this time when he's the littlest.
I am feeling well. Feeling like I'm carrying a girl (no, we still don't know what we're having), which means that I'm feeling more miserable than my boy pregnancies. Must be the overload of girl hormones. While I'm feeling healthy, I'm more irritable and weepy than normal. My last midwife appointment was Friday. I'm not quite 34 weeks. The appointment went well. The weight gain is taking its toll on how I feel. I lost ten at the beginning then gained thirty, bringing my total so far to twenty. That's one of my bigger pregnancy gains, at this point anyway. I'm hoping to gain no more than five between now and the delivery. It's just too exhausting to carry all of that extra around!
The baby is extremely active. You can see the "alien" moving around in there! Head was down on Friday (yes!) so I have a little bottom protruding just above my belly button and limbs that feel like they are wrapping around my torso! Maybe this little one will be tall!
Okay, that was just a quick update.
Lots going on, as always!

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