Friday, May 22, 2009

Falling slowly...

It's crazy what happens when you carry a baby.

Now, I know I am a sucker when it comes to love. I always have been. I love easily and deeply.
I remember being in the hospital after having Kaleb, #2, just crying and crying while holding him. I remember that I could literally feel my heart growing in love. I loved Greg so much. Loved Emily so much. And to fall so quickly in love with this new little guy, it actually made my chest hurt.

But this pregnancy has had a beauty all its own because it was a complete surprise. We thought we were done having babies. It was tough to accept that another was on the way. But the process has been like slowly falling in love. I have realized that I am so glad to have another chance at this. That I'll still have time to experience pregnancy, birth, and a newborn.
Little one, you've already smitten me, just like your siblings. And I have yet to see your sweet face.
You're making my heart grow...again!

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Julie said...

so sweet, Heather!