Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wake Up Call

I barely slept last night. My mind was spinning.
I haven't spoken to any of my old CBC friends in a couple of years. I felt like for a while I could relate to one in particular. She had gotten married young and started having a bunch of kids like me. She was one of my favorite people back in my freshman and sophomore year of college. ALWAYS full of energy, she was one of those girls that had you laughing all the time, mostly at something goofy or daring she was willing to do. And she had a heart of gold. (I know she still does.) I had the priviledge of being in her wedding during the winter of my sophomore year. Last I knew, she was pregnant with her third baby. Time had gotten away from me, and it had been a while since we'd caught up.
Until yesterday.
Good old Facebook! I was thrilled to have the opportunity to glance through her photos and see what she's been up to. I saw that she had a fourth child, she pregnant again? Yes! Wonderful. What I realized next took my breath away. Her husband, the man of her dreams that she married at only 19, passed away this fall (I later learned it was a motorcycle accident).
Months away from having their fifth child, she was alone.
My heart hurt for her. I cannot imagine.
There was a video clip from his memorial service in which she addressed family and friends, urging them to live life to the fullest and to honor God. Could I stand there and say the same things after such a tragedy?
That could be me. At any moment, God could choose to take Greg. And what would I do? Here I am, also pregnant with my fifth. My life would be over.
If you're reading this, please say a prayer for my friend. She has also just learned that a sibling has cancer. Pray for her family. Pray for her heart. Pray for strength. Pray for her children. Pray for her new baby.
Our lives, our dreams, could be uprooted at any time. Let's appreciate the ones we love. Let's stop looking at their shortcomings. Let's look at how blessed we are to have them. Let's tell them how much we love them. What would we do without them?

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Julie said...

wow Heather...
I believe I read about this same person in the AG magazine, and it took my breath away at the thought as well...
I will pray!