Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sweet finales, fresh beginnings...

2008 has been a year of extreme ups and downs for our family. We welcomed a new baby to our home, finally got settled in our house, became a part of a new church family, fell in love with two new nephews, said farewell to one of them, received the shock of one last pregnancy, and realized we would be a larger family than we'd ever dreamed! Phew! It has been a roller coaster ride that we've been blessed to be a part of.
We shared our final evening of 2008 with some dear friends. We shared a beautiful dinner (just for us adults! Ahhh...) , games, great (and quite funny, as always) conversation, and some experiences that don't need to be mentioned on the world wide web.
The highlight of the night, in my opinion, was the exchange of secret messages to each other. When we sat at our extravagant table setting, we found homemade placecards on each plate. Later on, we were each given an envelope in which each of our friends would slip a kind note at some point in the evening. It was intended to be read the next day.
What a treat it was to wake up, eat breakfast, and sit with Greg over coffee reading our special letters from dear friends. It is a blessing to begin the new year knowing that some of the people that you care the most about feel the same way about you.
Here's to the gift of friends and family. You are what life is all about.


Tina said...

Here this in my whiny tone
"I want to be friend at the extravagant dinner table slipping a note into your envelope!"
Mine reads:
Heather, you're hilarious & the prettiest person i know without makeup on. you're creative & so darn resourceful. you're loyal & i treasure, treasure, treasure you!

Tina said...

obviously didn't proof read before publishing!