Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We're all grown up...

I have much to share and much I still will, soon, but it is of utmost importance to mention how I spent last week.

One of my oldest, dearest friends came to Richmond.

The same girl that I remember giggling with late at night, as my dad threatened to take away my sleepover rights unless we "got to sleep!" was here, with her family.

It was something I've waited for since we moved here, four years ago.
I've wanted to share simple things with her, like where I cook my meals, where I do my grocery shopping, which Target I frequent.

And, even more, I wanted to share with her why we are in love with our new hometown. The history. The funky shops & restaurants. The beach. The mountains. The river. And all of the other perks of being a Virginia resident. She got it. She saw it. She loved it.

I had the privilege of spending a day with her kids while she and her husband took a quick trip to Charlottesville. At the end of that day, I was truly emotional. I got to read a story to my 3 year old girl and her 4 year old boy, who became quite special friends by the end of the trip. I got to "put to sleep" her little girl, who looks just like her, by snuggling her until she slept. Even the fights between our two year olds was sweet, because, when she yelled at my son, she called him "Buddy".

It was irreplaceable to see our children really become friends, and to spend more than our typical, yearly three hours together.

I can still see them holding hands and walking through the mall together...

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Tina said...

lilah woke up from her nap yesterday & said "Avie?" "Baby?" so cute! honestly, i never thought they'd be pals. i have a feeling eve iafter all this time living days apart, one hour is going to feel like too far too!
you were more than a gracious host, babysitter, party-maker!