Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Oh, my sweet Avery...
She's keeping me on my toes.
Today, Nadia was fast asleep in her bassinet and I was in the kitchen doing dishes. I heard Nadia fussing and didn't think much of it. Hmmm...where's Avery?
Panic set in and I flew up the stairs. There was Avery. There was Nadia. Avery had her arms wrapped around Nadia's shoulders, with Nadia's arms down at her sides. Avery was tripping over her own feet, next to the wooden bedframe. I can only imagine my face and my voice as I moved in what seemed like slow motion to the other side of the bed, yelling, "Hold on to her, hold on to her!" I grabbed Nadia, held her close for a moment, and then held onto Avery, who was in tears by now.

Am I going to survive having three under 3?
Will they????


Tina said...

You will survive. If anyone can, you will.
Plus, think about, that could have happened even between Emily & Kaleb when they were that age. You know?
Trying to help.

Heather said...

It actually did happen with Emily and Kaleb. Emily was holding Kaleb at the TOP OF THE STAIRS when he was one week old, saying, "Here, Mama!"

Christina said...

Okay the one with Emily and Kaleb and the stairs would of done me in!!! I would of been no help and passed out before moving! :)