Friday, April 10, 2009


A sick baby and the shock of being thrown back into reality have prevented me from a long needed post until now.
I spent four sweet days in the dry flatlands of West Texas last weekend.
Now...I need to confess that I was a bit nervous as the time grew closer. It had been YEARS since I really spent time with the girl who, in high school, was growing out of my hip (and we went to different schools!) Our communication, for the most part, has been limited to email over the past three or four years. While she has kept the same sacred place in my heart, I had to admit that a lot has changed over time.
The changing started when I left for college and she still had two years left in high school. I began a new life with all new people, halfway across the country.
Two years later, she started at that same school. Problem was, by then, I was back home. I had met my husband and life was changing. By the time I was married, she was in the throws of single college life. She had her single girls and her cute apartment full of roomates. When she graduated, I was pregnant with my second baby. The year she was married, I was considering schools for my oldest. And before I knew it, she was pregnant and off to Texas. It has seemed like we were moving along, passing each other with a quick HI here and there.
As last weekend approached, I started to we even have anything to talk about other than old times? Could we really spend four days together and have it not seem a little weird?
My fears were put to rest the second I saw her. Everything and nothing has changed. She was exactly what I needed and hopefully my attempts to help her out were successful.
Nothing can change true friendship. I am sure of that now.

I told Greg, "It's like we're the same old friends but we have a new fresh friendship, more grown up."
After hearing our conversations in her living room, I'll bet her husband is convinced otherwise...